We are The Chick Pea Collective

A small community of homemade hummus fans. All for love and not for profit. Inspiring a better world, one pea at a time


We buy locally sourced organic peas and beans together in bulk, sharing recipes and tips, doing something small and simple together that brings joy to our bellies and our souls.

We buy better together making savings for your pocket and our planet. We provide you access to locally sourced organic beans and peas at fair prices.

Less cash, less plastic, better taste - no need to buy small pricey supermarket pots of hummus - when you can make the real stuff at home - there’s no taste better than the one you make yourself.


Get social with taste - after months of lockdown, we’re ready to connect with friends through a simple, healthy hobby that brings us together with joy, flavour and wonderful hummus!

Currently we have one founding group in North London. We welcome new members and new groups.


Join us or we’ll help you set up your local group wherever you are.


recipes and reasons to be cheerful 

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