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Selling doesn't need to be a dark art

Many people I meet with and speak to believe that selling is a dark art. This approach makes it difficult for them to engage with the process productively, even when their livelihoods depend on it.

I trust you have now got a sense that selling doesn’t need to be heavy. Or dark. Once you see it as a positive way of understanding and fulfilling the needs of others, selling takes on a different quality. To both the seller and the buyer. With this shift in perspective comes a quantum shift in behaviour. Selling becomes less about closing and more about opening, less about push and more about pull. It is an essential human activity, one that draws people together. When you adopt this approach, selling becomes more enjoyable and increasingly effortless. It becomes light.

I hope that by using the ideas in this book you gain confidence and see the importance that really caring about the needs of the other party has in both the process and practice of getting stuff sold. I trust you will find the structure that has helped so many thousands of my participants useful. If only because it reminds you that preparing, connecting and discovering needs are far more important than presenting your wares in so many sales scenarios. I know that if you use the tools in this book ethically you will be able to craft agreement through genuine conversation.

I also look forward to hearing how deepening your understanding of the human operating system has helped you connect with others and with the source of your greatest strengths.

I wish you the best of luck in using these ideas in your personal and professional life.

Remember: we are born light, and uniquely equipped to communicate with others.

Selling can be a brilliant opportunity to tune into this fine human quality, to meet and connect with many incredible people and learn and grow in the process.

This is an excerpt, the conclusion page, from Gavin’s new book, How to sell with complete confidence, published by Bluebird, September 22nd, 2017.

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