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One day on Hampstead Heath in the 1980's  I convinced myself that Psilocybin was a remarkable tool for personal discovery, and I was convinced that it had a role in helping society work more effectively. Little did I know that already many researchers had had similar insights, and 30 years later the medical profession would start to agree.


This webpage - Psilocybinsight - is a place to share information about how this native magical mushroom will soon be widely used to treat a large range of mental conditions. Eventually it will be a place where I will be able to share how you can get access to transformational  experiences in the UK using British Psilocybin.

One organisation making huge inroads into this field is Compass Pathways, and they have accumulated a wealth of experience and a team of leading researchers to bring the field forward. You can see their summary of the research that demonstrates the efficacy of Psilocybin as a treatment tool here.

Research Reviews

This study at Imperial College looked into using Psilocybin to treat depression.


This film isn't about psilocybin, but its an innovative use of a different "enethogen" that illustrates how the field is moving.

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