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in loving memory

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Alan,  will never forget the way you touched our life, and while we still mourn you deeply, we appreciate so much how your loving family and friend have reached out to offer love and support. This love and support is a mark of the love and support you gave us all while on this plane. 

Above are some of our favourite pictures of Alan, please send any special ones you may have to and we will add them here.

Here is a link to the Dropbox folder with the video, audio and chat from the lovely memorial and shiva service we held this week. In time we will edit the files and get them up here as separate video and audios. (If anyone feels like doing that editing, then we'd love that, otherwise we will do it after we have completed our mourning).

We were so touched to have so many of you join us and send messages of support during the service.

You can see the messages for the evening below, and If you weren't able to join us, or want to add something for this page, send us a messages here and we will add it.

20:02:24     From  natty : Nat in Italy xxxx

20:02:26     From  remote : the sheldons

20:02:28     From  Cosima’s iPad : hi, it’s Lindsay x

20:02:30     From  Belinda, David and Jacob : Belinda, David, Jacob

20:02:30     From  Millie Presman : Millie & Tony in south London xxx

20:02:31     From  Stephen Grant : Steve Marga Gaby AKe

20:02:31     From  Rotem Pearlson : Rotem Pearlson California <3

20:02:32     From  Chantal Licht : Chantal andJonathan

20:02:33     From  Andy Rose : Andy and Nic xx

20:02:33     From  Georgia Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : hey ❤️

20:02:33     From  Shiri Kr : Shiri, I am home in North Finchley xx

20:02:33     From  frances orchover : frances Justin lily in Finchley xxx

20:02:34     From  Owen Cox : Owen, also bounds green 🙏

20:02:35     From  Tracy Krikler : Tracy in London

20:02:36     From  mike benson : Mike and Claire Benson. Sending all our love from Oxford. Sorry for your loss xxxx

20:02:37     From  Vicky Snow : Vicky mill hill x

20:02:37     From  Justin Rich : Justin Rich - Epping x

20:02:37     From  Gaby Grant : Gaby and Thomas in Edinburgh

20:02:37     From  Pip Caliskan : hi, Pip Bracha, Radlett 🙏🏻

20:02:38     From  Laptop : the sheldons x2

20:02:38     From  Stephen Grant : Alex at th

20:02:38     From  iPhone : izadora <3 love you all lots and lots xxx

20:02:38     From  Craig Grant : Craig - Jo getting the kids to bed so can't be here

20:02:39     From  Nik Silver : Lots of love from Anna, Megan and Nik in Malvern.

20:02:39     From  Paul Betesh : Paul and sue Cheshire x

20:02:39     From  Naomi Rich : Naomi & Gary in Bushey xx

20:02:39     From  Rachel Burns : Rachel and Phillip - Stoke Newington

20:02:40     From  Howard Lipp   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : howard and ena and noah from ventura california

20:02:40     From  Nicole : Nicole & Kol Krikler

20:02:41     From  Karen Avanzato : karen avanzato

20:02:41     From  jemma evans : Jemma xx

20:02:42     From  user : Laura, Dan, Amber, Thea in Hatfield Heath xxx

20:02:42     From  Lauren Grant : Lauren and Jessie xx we love u

20:02:42     From  Oren Pearlson : Oren & Yona are here

20:02:42     From  jamesshaw : The Shaws in Borehamwood x

20:02:43     From  Alex Luria : Alex Luria in London

20:02:43     From  André Lewis : André Lewis & family in Winchester

20:02:43     From  Michael : Michael and jane

20:02:44     From  Lorraines iphone : LORRAINE in spain

20:02:44     From  wearelucy : Loads of love from Worcester XXXX

20:02:45     From  danielle : hi it’s Danielle in Israel!

20:02:45     From  Jez Goz : jez & shell

20:02:45     From  Esther Grant : Hi, its marc Esther lily izzy and daisy xxxx

20:02:45     From  Alex Partridge : Hey it’s Alex at home xx

20:02:45     From  melvyn Carlile : Love love love

20:02:46     From  Caroline Citrin : Caroline Steve Fredie and Audrey Scher x

20:02:46     From  Sara Davis : sara, Steve and Hetti in Southampton x

20:02:46     From  Jamie Silver : Jamie and Dannii Silver

20:02:46     From  tarad : Tara in Edgware x

20:02:47     From  amy : Amy xx

20:02:48     From  Josh Kay : Spike and Jo, N12 - thinking of you

20:02:48     From  Annabelle Bloch : Alistair and Annabelle Bloch

20:02:49     From  Karen : Karen and Jonny Geller xx

20:02:49     From  iPad (12) : sue and Dave epping

20:02:49     From  Mischa Lewis : mischa and sabine in seattle

20:02:50     From  deborah golend : deborah and david muswell hill

20:02:51     From  Geoffrey Rich : Gloria and Geoff

20:02:52     From  Jules Brookes : Jules and Di send love xx

20:02:54     From  Martine Jager : Martine & Jason Jager

20:02:56     From  Benjamins : Benjamin fam, just up the road :) ! xx

20:02:56     From  Dylan Presman : Dylan, Sarai, and Henry Presman and Julie Mazur in Maryland

20:02:56     From  jonathankay : Lots of love from Jonny Kay in Manchester xxx

20:02:56     From  Eric : Eric

20:02:56     From  Peter Linn : Peter, Palmers Green.xx

20:02:57     From  Nick Cochran : cochrane de la rosas xx

20:02:57     From  nataliesolomons : Natalie - Izadora’s mum xx

20:02:57     From  Kathleen Saxton : Kathleen in hampstead x love to you all x

20:03:00     From  evelewis : Hello, from Eve and Steve in N10

20:03:00     From  Martine Benlolo   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : love love love

20:03:01     From  Marcel de Bruin : Marcel en Fabienne from Amsterdam, love from us!

20:03:01     From  Anish Family : sending love from israel x

20:03:01     From  Nikki Pallas : Nikki, Mark and bump Silverman sending all our love xx

20:03:02     From : Nikki Laurence and Oliver xxx

20:03:03     From  Joanna Springer : hi from viv

20:03:04     From  Michelle Grant : Michelle and Bruce. Wishing you all long life

20:03:04     From  Craig Sher : craig sher and sher family

20:03:04     From  Natalie Morris : Natalie Morris and family x

20:03:06     From  Craig Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : If you want me to say Kaddish with you, I can unmute myself xx Also got a few words to say if that's ok x

20:03:06     From  Mischa Haller : Mischa is here

20:03:07     From  Karen Avanzato : sending all our love

20:03:09     From  Emma Cravitz : love Emma x

20:03:13     From  Lawrence Glyn : Beany here from Leeds & Kath too

20:03:13     From  S’s iPhone : Sarit

20:03:16     From  danielle : love you guys and so sad for you 😢

20:03:17     From  Martine Jager : Denise & Johnny x

20:03:18     From  Debra Wilton : Debs in Stanmore.  Lots of love Jools and Joy.  So many memories in Howberry Close in the loft at your house.  And with you lovely mummy and daddy xxxxx

20:03:18     From  Martine Benlolo : love from Borehamwood

20:03:18     From  Charlotte Gerrard : charlie and mala  and all the Gerrad-Linns love you forever

20:03:21     From  Adam Luria : Adam, Anahied and Orli wish all the family long life

20:03:22     From  Dan Silverman : Dan, Nicky and Izzie - round the corner from you!

20:03:23     From  Judy Karr : sending love  judy and robin wish you all long life

20:03:25     From  Doug Krikler : tali and doug sending love from crouch end x

20:03:25     From  Natalie's iPad : Natalie Garber sending love from India x

20:03:29     From  geoffrey miller : Geoffrey and Mandy Miller wishing you Joy and the family long life. 

20:03:34     From  ANDREW’s iPad : Suzi  and Andrew Waterman, Elstree........We wish y

20:03:41     From  Marina Dionisyou : loads of love from Marina x

20:03:45     From  Rona Bar-Isaac : from Rona, Miles, Talia and Jacob, with much love and wishing you long life xx

20:03:46     From  ANDREW’s iPad : all the family Long Life x

20:03:49     From  danielle : will always remember Alan for being such a lovely and funny man

20:04:01     From  danielle : wishing you all long life xxx

20:04:03     From  Sandy : Hi Aunty Joy and Juliette, I wish you all a healthy Long Life, with love from Sandy (Israel)

20:04:08     From  Spencer's iPad : Hi,sending long life to you Jools and family.Love Susan and spencer🙏X

20:04:10     From  Michael : big hugs from jane and Michael xander and Sophia xxx

20:04:12     From  Judy Squires : Judy and Martin sending love xxx

20:04:16     From  Zed’s iPhone : Zed & Mark sending love xxx

20:04:29     From  Barry Jacobs : sharon & Barry from CHINGFORD wishing you long life and sending love. xxxx

20:04:47     From  Charlene Blake : Sending love to you all. Lots of love, Char xxx

20:04:49     From  Martin Sween : sending love from Martin and Katie xx

20:05:00     From  Joanna Springer : sending our love to sue and her family xx

20:05:02     From  Roi Sarig : q q                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Katrina and Roi Sarig, London - sending  love and wishing you long life             20:05:28     From  Shir Dor : Wishing you all a long life, the Dor girls from 66 Coleridge Way xxx

20:05:35     From  Debbie Maycock : sending all my love light and strength, my heart breaks for you all. always here for you all.xxxx

20:05:38     From  Karen & Stephen's iPad : Karen and Stephen wish you all long life xxxxx

20:05:40     From  ray leiter : Lorraine & Ray Leiter wish you all a long life xx

20:05:51     From  adina presman : Dini, Elkan, Marguerite - all of us deeply saddened by losing Alan from our family. His memory lives on

20:06:11     From  Top Tips With Nana Pips   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : My love my life my rock my Jules my niece also my love  💔 and of course Lovely Susan 💔

20:06:12     From  Lorraines iphone : thinking of all of you & miss being there with you xx

20:06:21     From  deborah golend : Wishing you long life Jools and your lovely family. Big love Deborah and David xx

20:06:39     From  Frances's iPhone : Frances and Leo wishing you and the whole family long life

20:06:48     From  Frances's iPhone : and lots of love xxx

20:06:58     From  Lawrence Glyn : So sorry to hear Jolz. I’m here tonight, sadly with my Kath also losing her father Brian last Thursday 🙁😥

20:07:25     From  Craig Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Did you want me to say Kaddish with you Gavs? 

20:08:18     From  Gavin Presman   to   Craig Grant(Privately) : yes please

20:08:36     From  Natalie's iPad : wishing you all a long life, love Joan and Jeff Garber x

20:08:40     From  Craig Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : OK - I will unmute myself at the time. Also prepared a few words xxx

20:08:54     From  Samantha Shaikh : So sorry for you loss Jools, Gav and your gorgeous family 💔 Sending so much love and light to you all 🧡

20:08:58     From  jamesshaw : Sending big virtual hugs and wishing you all Long Life from the Shaw’s x

20:09:01     From  Craig Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : oh - you'll have to unmute me xx

20:09:21     From  Leanne Dalah : We are here. Wishing you a long life Jools. Leanne and Adam

20:09:50     From  ruthp : Wishing you and the family Long Life and sending much love. Ruth Paris and Family

20:10:01     From  Alexandra Eton Harris : sending love and strength to all the family. Alex, Jason & the girls xxx

20:10:25     From  Alexandra Eton Harris : sending love. from Eve & Alan

20:10:49     From  Shula Levy   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Sending love and wishing you long life. All our love Jonathan & Shula x

20:11:02     From  Galaxy A3 (2017) : Joy, Juliette and family sending you much love anf wishing you a long life Jo, Kes and Beau xxx

20:11:14     From  Karen Avanzato : Jools my parents Toni and Michael Davis wish you and all the family a long life xx

20:11:17     From  Nicole : Jools, Joy, Gav and all the family wish you a long life and sending all our love. Nic & Kol xxxx

20:11:24     From  Max i phone : Long Life. Maxine, Robby, boys

20:12:12     From  Gavin Presman   to   Peter Linn(Privately) : be ready to spot and unmute howard

20:12:34     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : ready

20:12:47     From  Lozdan Family : Dear Jools, Joy, Gav and all your family. We send you our love and wish you a long life. xx

20:12:50     From  MARTIN LEWIS : we are sad and glad to be here with you

20:12:55     From  Belinda, David and Jacob   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Sending you so much love.  Hope to be able to show you in person (from a 2m distance) when we drop off food tomorrow.  Such a very sad time and especially in these times when those you want to be close are necessarily kept away from you.  Belinda, David, Isobel and Jacob xxx

20:13:28     From  Carolyn Silverman : love to you all Carolyn and David

20:14:18     From  Lynda Bourquin : Lynda and Michel sending all our love hugs and kisses to you all

20:15:12     From  Lorraines iphone   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : wishing you all Long Life xxx

20:15:12     From  Steven's iPhone : Jules wishing you and the family long life Xxx

20:15:35     From  Steven Fine : sending you all our love on this sad

20:17:26     From  user : Joy, Juliette, Mum, Gavin, Yasmin, Ziggy, Saffi, we are so sad and wish you all the love and long life… Love you always Laura, Dan, Amber and Thea xx

20:19:59     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Back to your dad?

20:20:47     From  Nikki Pallas   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : I am Mark Silverman and am doing a speech.  I am using my wife’s account under the name of Nikki Pallas

20:24:36     From  Justin Rich : Wishing you all a long life xxx Justin Rich & Louise Rich

20:25:11     From  Shiri Kr : Jules, Joy, Gavin, Yasmin Ziggy and Saffi - we are all heartbroken. Wishing you all a long life and sending all of our love. Shiri Amit and the kids xxx

20:25:17     From  Esther Grant : Marc would like to say some words xxxx

20:26:48     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Esther grant has said Marc would like to say something

20:27:52     From  Brian’s iPad (2) : Joy, Juliette, Susan and all the family, we wish you long and healthy lives and send all our love.  We’ll miss Alan very much. xx

20:28:24     From  Eric : Sue, Joy and Juliet, wishing you a long life. Stay safe xxx

20:29:18     From  Georgia Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : no words ❤️ I am here no matter what! love this family so much ❤️ GG

20:31:41     From  Geoffrey Rich : Joy Juliette Susan, Wishing you a long and healthy life.We loved Alan so much xx

20:32:34     From  Andy Rose : Jools, lovely memorial to your special dad. sending you and your lovely mum and fam lots of love and wishing you a long life. Nic and Andy xx

20:32:35     From  iPhone : love you all, beautiful amazing family ❤️

20:33:57     From  Sara Davis : stunning voices of Nina and Howard 🙏

20:34:18     From  Rozmari Levine : What incredible energy Jools to send your dad wherever he is.

20:35:01     From  frances orchover : wonderful shiva can feel the love despite the digital divide xxxx

20:35:03     From  Spencer's iPad : powerful🙏 feeling the energy.X

20:35:11     From  Pip Caliskan : that was beautiful. so touching...

20:35:17     From  Gaby Grant : Juliette, Gavin, Yasmin, Ziggy, Saffy and Auntie Joy. I am glad I got to be here with you all. My deepest condolences to you all and the rest of the family. I love you all and I wish I could hug you all in person but a virtual hug will have to do for now xxx

20:35:18     From  danielle : wow what a beautiful version of this song.. so moving

20:35:31     From  Ruth Kay : sending my love to all of you. what a beautiful song

20:35:31     From  Craig Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : That was incredible 

20:35:36     From  Vicky Snow : moving x

20:35:41     From  Craig Grant : That was just incredible 

20:35:45     From  Natalie's iPad : their voices are so beautiful And hypnotising, xxx.

20:35:53     From  Judy Karr : lovely  service very moving  sending hugs

20:35:59     From  Millie Presman : that was so beautiful and moving xxx

20:36:09     From  Lozdan Family : beautiful song xxx

20:36:12     From  Lauren Grant : wow. that was magical xxxx

20:37:07     From  Eric : we Lewis’s always have did he just say that moments😢

20:37:07     From  Annabelle Bloch : Alan always made us laugh, will miss seeing him at the start and end of our hols. beautiful words and voices tonight. long life to all the family. love Ali, Annabelle and kids xxx

20:38:58     From  iPhone : love u yaz xxxx

20:40:08     From  Georgia Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : ❤️

20:40:22     From  Howard Lipp : dearest Alan - may you achieve level after level on your journey home to source

20:42:24     From  Howard Lipp : we love you yaz

20:42:44     From  iPhone : you can do it ❤️

20:43:10     From  Lauren Grant : go on girl ❤️🌈

20:43:12     From  Stanley Goldstein : long life to all family, have to leave. my phone is overheating, love Larraine, Stan + family, x

20:43:23     From  Esther Grant : We love you xxxx

20:43:38     From  Georgia Grant : go on beautiful yaz I love you so much ❤️

20:43:39     From  Peter Linn : Love you Yas

20:44:05     From  Sara Davis   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : well done has, ziggy and safe xxxx

20:44:40     From  Shiri Kr : Love you Yas, Saffi and Ziggi, you are so beautiful, and your love for your papa is amazing and pure x

20:44:52     From  Josh Kay : Beautiful words S

20:44:55     From  Lorraines iphone : that is just heartbreaking

20:45:06     From  Georgia Grant : beautiful words and a special poem ❤️

20:45:07     From  Gaby Grant : beautiful service, beautiful song and words from you all. x

20:45:23     From : we are heart broken for you - we wish you all long life an 

20:45:30     From  mike benson : Sending you all love from all of us. Brave words and feelings tonight xxx

20:45:30     From  Jane Scheinmann   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : sending so much love to you xxxx

20:46:31     From  iPad (12) : Susie darling ❤️❤️

20:47:12     From  Stephen Grant : we hug you!!!

20:47:36     From  phil.jaffa : such a beautiful service.... allen and his jewish jokes will be sadly missed.... big hugs to Jules, Joy and family xxx

20:48:52     From  Eric : I’ll miss doing the family history without you Cuz

20:50:09     From  Lorraines iphone : Sue , Mark that was a Wonderful speech , I’m in tears again

20:50:26     From  Max i phone : we can hear Martin

20:50:38     From  Judy Karr : gorgeous speech from susan. delivered so well by mark  love Jude and rob xx

20:50:44     From  Lee : sending you loads of Lovexxx

20:51:01     From  Frances's iPhone : sorry, have to leave - such a lovely service and beautiful memories from everyone. xxx

20:51:05     From  michelle : A truly unique, heartfelt and beautiful service. So sorry for your loss and wishing you all long life xxx

20:51:54     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : who is talking next?

20:52:14     From  Gavin Presman   to   Peter Linn(Privately) : tony cohen

20:52:42     From  Gavin Presman   to   Peter Linn(Privately) : may be under leslie -

20:54:29     From  Gavin Presman   to   Peter Linn(Privately) : next is Mark Grant then  Craig Grant

20:55:01     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Can’t see mark grant

20:55:25     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : esther grant?

20:55:27     From  Gavin Presman   to   Peter Linn(Privately) : mark might be under esther or lily

20:56:25     From  Craig Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : I've got a few words to say if that's ok?

20:57:55     From  Belinda, David and Jacob   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Such a very special shiva.  Really moving. x

20:59:02     From  Gavin Presman   to   Craig Grant(Privately) : your next - you were first on the list

20:59:35     From  Craig Grant   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : xxxx

21:06:49     From  frances orchover : thank you that was lovely ..... we wish you long life darling xxx

21:07:04     From  natty : Jools and family.....thank you for letting me be part of are my darling dear friend Jools.  part of a big love … love you. RIP your pappy

21:07:27     From  Stephen Grant : Alan took me to Spurs v Swansea reserves. I was wearing a three piece 3 ply mohair suit made by Toby Norman. I didn’t hook me to Spurs.

21:07:35     From  Michael : our hearts are broken for you all. This service is so moving. Love to you all love jane Michael xander and Sophia xxxxx

21:08:38     From  Stephen Grant : One of my earliest memories of Alan is him lying with Joy on a rug in the park or garden and having a smooch.

21:10:52     From  Dan Silverman : Wishing you all a very long life.  Much love

21:12:06     From  Daniel Hodari : what a beautiful service, wishing you a long life. sending love xx

21:12:24     From  Roi Sarig : Beautiful and emotional service, sending you our love and wishes 

21:13:53     From  davidlevene : Such an incredible and moving service! It has been an honour to share this time with you Jools, Joy, Gavin and family. Lots of love from David, Louise and the Levene’s. XXX

21:16:41     From  evelewis : the

21:17:21     From  melvyn Carlile : Please send link

21:17:21     From  evelewis : The most moving beautiful shiva I have ever been to,

21:17:32     From  Stephen Grant : Please send us a link and we will donate.

21:17:34     From  Howard Lipp   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : let us know how we can do that

21:17:43     From  Millie Presman : That's a wonderful idea x

21:18:08     From  Shula Levy : What a wonderful initiative  send me the link xx

21:18:36     From  danielle : lovely idea pls send me the link x

21:18:45     From  Doug Krikler : lovely service...sorry have to leave. wish you long life xxx

21:18:48     From  Alex Partridge   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : I’m sorry I have to go but long live u all! miss you and love you! from us all xxx

21:19:16     From  Karen : Joy, Jools, Gavin and kids what a beautify; service.  We are so so sorry for your loss , remember our journeys with Alan so fondly, and wish you all long life.  With Love Karen Jonny and Noah xxx

21:20:29     From  Charlene Blake : Such a beautiful memorial service for your  wonderful dad.. Really moving. Wishing you all a long life xx

21:21:17     From  Max i phone : Such a meaningful and fitting memorial. thank you for the memories. x

21:23:20     From  Lozdan Family   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Hello Gav - we've been here the whole time...somehow you missed us by on the video round up..not sure to you all xx

21:23:27     From  Nikki Pallas   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : what an amazing service, lots of love to you all.  Yasmine, we are holding you to that!!

21:24:22     From  Rachel Burns : Wish you long life, Jules. Lots of love to you all. A beautiful shiva. xx

21:24:28     From  Natalie's iPad : such a special shiva, wonderful special and so moving, you have such an AMAZING family ,  Alan will be sorely missed.   xx

21:24:40     From  Naomi Rich : Really lovely ceremony, full of love and happy memories. Love to you all, Gary, Naomi, Kizzy & Zoe xxx

21:25:23     From  Lorraines iphone : what a wonderful moving tribute to Alan, he would of been so proud of you for arranging this ❤️❤️❤️

21:25:40     From  Stephen Grant : Best Shiva in the history of Shivas

21:26:29     From  Shula Levy : very special shiva - wishing you long life. ‘Love you xx

21:27:00     From  deborah golend : You managed to create the most virtual meaningful shiva. Long life xx

21:27:20     From  iPhone : bye guys I love u all❤️

21:28:51     From  Caroline Citrin : That was quite something. Big love to you all xxx

21:29:02     From  David Noble : Wish you all a long life . xx

21:30:43     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Some cameras are not enabled

21:30:44     From  Natalie Morris   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : You have missed Gloria and Geoff Rich

21:31:00     From  Peter Linn   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : some videos are not allowing me to spotlight

21:31:15     From  Eric   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Missed me but long life

21:32:09     From  Steven Fine : truly the most beautiful tribute to a much loved man. You made him proud. huge

21:32:11     From  Eric : Missed me but long life and stay safe

21:32:16     From  Dylan Presman : I love you all

21:32:16     From  Stephen Grant : LOVE THE PRESMAN’s and LEWIS’s. Best family in the universe.

21:32:33     From  Anish Family : WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!

21:32:35     From  Esther Grant : we love you all, so special xxxx

21:32:38     From  Natalie Morris   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : Lots of love from Natalie Morris and Family xxx

21:32:54     From  Peter Linn : Sorry some videos I could not spotlight….big love, red x

21:33:38     From  Dylan Presman : I am sorry that I cannot be there to hug you but I am hugging you with my heart

21:34:15     From  jonathankay : Big love guys xx

21:34:16     From  Zed’s iPhone : wonderful tribute to your dad, father in law and poppa  xxxxxxxx love from Stantons xxx sending hugs to all of you and your mum xx

21:34:18     From  user : PLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEESSSSSSSEEEE Ganesha xx

21:34:32     From  Nicole : Gorgeous tribute to your lovely daddy! Love you loads xxx

21:35:09     From  Rotem Pearlson : beautiful service. thank you. sending you lots of love.

21:35:11     From  jemma evans : absolutely amazing. love to you guys forever

21:39:57     From  user : Hi Howard and Ena - that song is just the best…. So glad you could sing it …. Lots of love Laura xxxx

21:40:02     From  Tracy Krikler : Testament to you, Jools, Gavin, Yas, Ziggy and Safi, that you have such a huge gathering holding so much love. Such a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. Love you, Tracy xx

21:40:42     From  Natalie's iPad : moving me to more tears xxxx beautiful, love you Jools, Gav, and kids and Joy xxxx

21:42:27     From  Craig Grant : What a beautiful song and a perfect way to end the service xxx

21:43:46     From  Roger Silver   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : what a wonderful tribute to a lovely guy  lots and lots of love to you joy and all your lovely family. from Judy and roger xxxx

21:44:14     From  Sara Davis   to   Gavin Presman(Privately) : such a beautiful service... I love you guys. sara xxx

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