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Building habits in your sales team

Our mission is to inspire and empower sales leaders and teams to make a difference.

And we've been doing that exceptionally through training, coaching and writing for  years.

Yet we know the biggest impact from our work  occurs when managers are enabled to support our work in house,. supporting tangible change in behaviours.

That is the idea behind Actionable Habit Builder -  tools to support managers transfer ideas into action, as a follow up to our training, or as stand alone initiative.















We provide sales leaders with material to inspire and empower their teams. The material is presented in a way that the leader can easily run 1 hour "Actionable Conversations" with their teams, with only 20 mins preparation for the leader themselves. The session is pre-planned, and each step carefully documented to ensure a smooth and fruitful learning experience. The sessions have been tested with sales teams and are guaranteed to spark insight, and inspire practical next steps.

Each session is supported by a online Habit Builder that enables individual and teams to continue the conversation for the 30 days following each session.

No complex systems, just a simple programmed reminders, and 15 second check-ins that provide individual inspiration, and teams insight.  Ensuring learning is making a difference to the business.


Enabling managers to support at a team and individual level, and ensure that learning is not just a one off event, but a continuous journey.

I have partnered with Actionable to make our award winning sales material available through the platform, and we have secured access for our clients to the complete Actionable catalogue of Habit Builder sessions.


This means you can run sessions on many areas of sales, communication, individual and leadership topics direct to your teams, with the support to ensure the learning sticks.

Contact my team now to trial this innovative approach for yourself.

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